Valve Seat and Guide Model SG8 - Our signature model


The upper standard valve seat and guide machine


This seat and guide machine is specifically designed for machine shops that build small to large cylinder heads for motor vehicles and trucks/buses, motorcycles, and power sports engines. From single cylinder to 24 valve six cylinder heads used in natural gas and mining, construction, and marine industries. Robins fixed pilot concept works the best to achieve ultimate chatter-free finish on valve seats within a few microns concentricity.

Key Features

  • Robins patented spring free tooling
  • New two degree leveling fixture
  •  Leveling and sharpening units
  • Exclusive carbide pilot design
  • Optional extra, heavy duty, roll over fixture
  • 3 angle cutting inserts, with edge honing and subzero  treatment  

Technical Specifications

Download SG8 PDF

Cylinder head size

23 x 10 x 5”

Spindle tilt

± 15 degrees

Spindle stroke

6.750” (172 mm)

Spindle speed

35 - 500 RPM


Achieve < 0.0002” (5 microns) post plateau honing of valve seats


0.0002” (5 microns) for honed guides

Surface finish

< 0.4 Ra µm

Micro fine feed


Spring free adaptors


Constant varying speed


  • Availability: Available

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