SG7 model suitable for small to mid range cylinder heads


The standard valve seat and guide machine


This is a medium sized seat and guide machine and a must have for any sized engine job shop. It is the most reliable and economical Cylinder Head Seat & Guide Machine on the market today.  This machine utilizes fixed carbide centering pilots. Rottler combines precision carbide centering pilots with a light weight air float workhead to give you perfect centering with the valve guide - every time. Great choice for shops machining small to medium cylinder heads for motor vehicles and trucks, motorcycles and power sports engines.  

Key Features

  • Robins patented spring free tooling
  • Unique cylinder head fixtures
  • Lapping and sharpening units
  • Chatter free finish
  • Carbide pilots and all angle inserts available

Technical Specifications

Cylinder head size

23 x 10 x 5”

Spindle tilt

± 15 degrees

Spindle stroke

6.750” (172 mm)

Spindle speed

35 - 500 RPM


Achieve < 0.0002” (5 microns) post plateau honing of valve seats


0.0002” (5 microns) for honed guides

Surface finish

< 0.4 Ra µm

Micro fine feed


Spring free adaptors


Constant varying speed



  • Availability: Available

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