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Robins Cylinder Boring Machines: Heart of Precision Boring | Robins Machines | Engine Remanufacturing Equipment in Bangladesh, Engine Building Machines in Bangladesh, Cylinder Boring Machines in Bangladesh, In-Line Cylinder Block Boring Machines in Bangladesh - GL116508

Robins Cylinder Boring Machines are the workhorses of engine rebuilding, responsible for creating precise and accurate bores in engine blocks. These machines play a vital role in restoring worn engines to their former glory or even exceeding their original performance potential.

Robins Cylinder boring machines remove material from the cylinder walls using a rotating cutting tool, typically a boring bar with a carbide insert. This process enlarges the bore to a specific diameter, correcting wear and tear and preparing the surface for honing.


Restores compression: Worn cylinders lose compression, leading to power loss and decreased efficiency. Boring restores the proper clearance between pistons and rings, improving compression and engine performance.

Prevents future wear: A smooth, precisely bored cylinder provides a better surface for rings to seal against, minimizing wear and tear on both the bore and the piston rings.

Enhances engine performance: Accurate boring ensures consistent cylinder diameters, contributing to balanced engine operation and potentially even power gains.

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